Founders Story

In 1999, Robbie was born with Cerebral Palsy. To say that our lives have been a journey that continues to build on our purpose, hope, and fulfillment would be an understatement. Our son’s life is nothing short of a miracle and every day with him reminds us that, despite his disability, Robbie’s loving heart is touching many who have come to know him.

Robbie and Family

One of our favorite moments with Robbie is our cuddle time – he is still so much like a baby and we still treasure having the rare opportunity of a teenager in our arms! 

Does he test our endurance? Of course. 

Do we ever feel cheated? Certainly. 

Are we emotionally and physically drained at times? Yes. 

But being this child’s parents has also brought more joy, fulfillment, and gratitude into our lives than we ever would have imagined. Robbie has taught us true love, patience, selflessness, and devotion. Being parents has changed our lives, but being Robbie’s parents has been an overwhelming blessing God planted on us years ago. 
Because of the kindness shown to us as we have raised our son, we have come to realize how great and meaningful it is to give. There is enormous power to simply seeing a need and answering it. 

Join us in our quest to helping others with special needs feel that they really do belong. Along the way, we hope that your hearts will become tender to the many children out there who need our support to improve the quality of their lives.

– Lynn and Robert Gierie

Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, 
and always start with the person nearest you.

— Mother Teresa