Be Your Child’s Back to School Advocate

Getting our kids back to school is always a taxing project even more so when you have a child with special needs. And now with the pandemic still looming it makes for a stressful season. There are extras that may have to be considered. I.E.P.’s or 504’s, health changes that happened over the summer, new teachers and the new anxieties. Here is a list to help you help your child:

  • Be sure that agreed-upon accommodations are in place
  • Connect personally with your child’s teacher(s) and therapists
  • Establish an easy, reliable communication checklist or log
  • Provide tools to help teachers and staff help your child
  • Get and preview transportation information
  • Collect information about extracurricular options and special events happening in school and make sure it is communicated to you
  • Preview your child’s academic program
  • Communicate potential challenges ahead of time for the staff

For kids with special needs, school can be both wonderful and disastrous at the same time. By keeping the lines of communication open with everyone who works with your child, you will avoid many misunderstandings. Remember, you are your child’s best advocate.

What are some of the items on your list not mentioned here? Have your efforts as a parent proven to be a life saver for your child?

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