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A Special Thank You from the Robbie Foundation

https://youtu.be/aKhGUsKM6hc Robbie Foundation’s Founder wants you to know how much we value your support. The kids in the state of Maine thank you for helping with donations, volunteering and kind notes...

Posted by:
on: 13th December 2021

Surviving the Holiday Season

Lately I have been very up and down. Sometimes, I am happy my holiday season is a little slower and I have more time. Other times I am just sad...

Posted by: Kristin Melanie
on: 14th December 2020

A Special Message this Holiday Season

This holiday season we would like to take a moment and give thanks. Thank you to our donors and sponsors. Together we've been able to help hundreds of Maine kids...

Posted by: Lynn Leclerc
on: 13th December 2020

Have a Thankful Heart

We tend to focus on negative thoughts that often leave us in a sour state of bitterness, anxiety, and depression. This can take a physical toll on our bodies and...

Posted by: Lynn Leclerc
on: 18th November 2020