Children with Special Needs Receive Free Therapies, Adaptive Gear

Robbie Foundation Awards Ceremony

Children living with disabilities were awarded equipment and treatments that will make their lives easier Saturday.
The Robbie Foundation raises money to help provide kids across the state with items that are not covered by insurance, but greatly improve their quality of life.

NEWS CENTER’s Jackie Ward presented awards to seventeen children. They received adaptive equipment like iPads and specialized wheelchairs, as well as treatments like the therapeutic horseback riding lessons. The children and their parents were thrilled to find out they were selected.

“I was excited and I wanted to scream!” said 16 year-old Courtney Houde, after receiving therapeutic horseback riding sessions.

“He’s been waiting for almost a year to find out whether or not he was going to be eligible,” Mom Michelle Kennie said through tears, after her son Adam received an iPad. “We had all of his specialists write letters and it’s been a long wait for him.”


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