Featured Organization: The Robbie Foundation

The Robbie Foundation (RF) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded on behalf of a boy living with cerebral palsy. Robbie’s disability is quite severe in that he is totally dependent on others for all his daily living needs. Robbie has overcome all odds thus far in life and has a very strong “will” in every aspect of his being. In lieu of all that he has accomplished for himself, he expresses an interest and eagerness to help others. The mission of RF is to bring awareness about the disabled population as

Dava Davin with Robbie Foundation Founder, Lynn Gierie
Dava Davin with Robbie Foundation Founder, Lynn Gierie

well as helping to provide for children who are in need of adaptive equipment, toys or any item that would help improve their well being and quality of life. The goal of Robbie Foundation is to see the world brought to children who are unable to explore it on their own.

Robbie Foundation helps children with special needs by funding adaptive equipment, assistive technology, therapy treatment, etc. not covered by insurance.

There are many ways to get involved with this wonderful organization.  You can volunteer your time, fill an unmet need, make a donation, or contribute one of these ways: Get Involved

The Davin Team donates a portion of every deal to The Robbie Foundation.

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