Disabled 7-Year-Old Receives Custom Made Bed

Kayleigh Bowman

Newport – It’s been a long road for Susan and Rick Bowman since they adopted their daughter, Kayleigh,in 2009. On Thursday the entire family was relieved when they received a custom made bed for the girl so that everyone can sleep soundly knowing she’s safe at night.

The 7-year-old suffers from hydrocephalus which requires her to have a feeding tube. When the Bowman’s first adopted her it wasn’t uncommon for her to have up to 40 seizures a day.

“That’s why she can’t walk and she’s severely developmentally delayed,” said Susan Bowman.

Since being in her adopted parents care and receiving constant medical attention from her 8 different doctors, Kayleigh has improved immensely. She’s strong enough to pull her self up now, but with that has come the danger of falling out of her crib.

“She’s actually fallen out a couple of time. It’s very scary,” said her mother Susan.

To prevent that from happening again her family received a $4,500 custom made bed, paid for by the Robbie Foundation.

“This is what the foundation is all about. It’s about supporting the needs of children with developmental disabilities and their unmet needs,” said the foundation’s Co-Founder Lynn Gierie.

The bed that comes with padded posts and mesh to keep Kayleigh from falling onto the floor at night was made and installed by Patrick Cyr of Millinocket.

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