Newport Girl with Severe Disabilities Receives New Safety Bed

Kayleigh Bowman

Newport – You may think of your bed as being one of the safest places you could be, well for several years that hasn’t been the case for one girl. Our Erin Thomas explains.

Kayleigh Bowman suffers from developmental and cognitive disabilities. Her whole life she has slept in a crib, but now she is 7-years-old, and in need of a new bed.

The purchase of Kayleigh’s new bed was made possible by the Robbie Foundation, which provides adaptive equipment and other services to children with disabilities.

The $4,500 bed was specially designed by a Millinocket man, Patrick Cyr, and installed Thursday, where her crib once stood.

For her mother, who sleeps on the floor by Kayleigh’s side every night, it means resting a little easier.

Story by Erin Thomas | ethomas@wvii.com