Logan Receives a Ceiling Tracking System/Hoya Lift

A 15 year old young man living with a significant disabilities. He lives with his mom, dad and grandmother. 

Logan and his family were living in very unsafe conditions where they were unable to lift Logan securely. Due to his size (130 lbs) and the nature of his disability his family was in dire need of a lifting solution. This young man has been fused in Boston and has two rods in his back which makes lifting him very challenging. Neither his mom nor his grandmother can lift him by themselves anymore and his father has thrown his back out several times. Recently Logan’s grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer and is no longer able to be the backup person for assisting with lifting and transferring him. As a result, Logan’s mom needs to call his dad out of work to help move him every time Logan needs to be changed or to use the bathroom. Fortunately, Logan’s dad is self-employed, however this is an extremely ineffective system for the family. Bathing is also very difficult for them.

What RF funded: Ceiling Tracking System/Hoya lift – $7,000

“The tracking runs about 17 feet from Logan’s bed to bathroom, curves about 5 feet to bathtub and to toilet. Logan controls the up and down, but we have to push Logan on the track to go where he needs to go. This has helped us out tremendously! Stan is saving his back from being injured because Logan was getting heavier. It also takes a lot of the responsibility off of Stan being the only one to care for Logan. I am able to now take him to the bathroom if he needs to have a bowel movement. (Stan used to have to come home from work to do this). I can also give him a bath now (put him in and take him out!) Stan was the only one that could do this. I can now take him to the bed after bath and dress him! I can also put him in and out of his wheelchair. (Stan used to be the only one to do this and used to come home from work to get him out of bed)! I am able to care for my son now and not have to depend on my husband to do it all! It has also helped Stan with not having to be the sole person responsible for physically caring for Logan’s daily care, which was very stressful. We are so thankful for the help Robbie Foundation has provided that we cannot thank you enough for this.”