Macie Receives A Sleeper Bed

A 4 year old girl living with Intellectual Disability/Epilepsy/Retinal Degeneration/Non-verbal & Non-ambulatory. She lives with her mom, dad and big brother. 

“Macie is quickly outgrowing her crib and it is becoming unsafe. She can pull to stand and is really too tall for her crib. Macie needs the enclosed bed to keep her safe and comfortable at night.  She is somewhat mobile, but cannot walk and is not safe with climbing. Macie has a seizure disorder and cognitive impairment with a diagnosis of intellectual disability. She does not understand and cannot be trained to sleep in a standard bed. Rails are not safe enough for her as she can maneuver over the edge. Macie also has a diagnosis of retinal degeneration.  Her vision will deteriorate. Loss of sight is probable. The safety sleeper also will keep her from roaming her room and from getting hurt because she will be in one enclosed area. Macie can use this safety sleeper bed for as long as she needs it and full size is suitable for the rest of her life, if need be. The full size bed is also a good size in case her father or I need to sleep with her.  We have researched medical beds and this Safety Sleeper is truly the only bed suitable for Macie. We tried to access her insurance, but the bed was denied because it is deemed a safety need, not a medical need. The Safety Sleeper has one option that we would need to add and that is pads for the frame in case she had a seizure during sleep and also to prevent injury while rolling. This bed is also special because it is portable. Having two children with special needs we know how hard travel is. Sleepovers at the grandparents are limited because sleeping arrangements are difficult. The Safety Sleeper would provide peace of mind for our family and comfort and safety for Macie for years to come.”

What RF funded: Safety Sleeper Bed – $4,500

The Safety Sleeper Bed for Macie!

“We can’t thank the Robbie Foundation enough for providing Macie with The Safety Sleeper Bed. She now has a comfy bed and we can rest easy at night knowing that she is safe. Macie loves her bed and has transitioned well from her crib to this wonderful ‘big girl bed’ She has new Elsa, Anna, and Olaf bedding which adds even more to the excitement. Thank you for making this possible. We are so appreciative of this amazing foundation.”

Sincerely, Hutch (Dad), Abby (Mom), and Tucker (Big Brother)