Where do your donations go?

With the help of concerned people like you, Robbie Foundation was able to fund the following items for children in need this past quarter.

Several recipients were granted iPads. Children who are non-verbal or are verbally challenged benefit immensely by utilizing user-friendly iPads as an alternative means of communication.

Also funded was a “Giant Pillow” to help a child with balance, mobility, positioning and full body works.

A Listening Therapy Program was granted to aid the sensory & vestibular systems in providing a sense of balance, spatial orientation, coordination and integration of vision and movement.

Another recipient was given Therapeutic Swimming Lessons which emphasizes core skills for children with developmental delays, emotional disorders, and difficulties in social adaptation. A positive experience in the aquatic environment motivates a child to learn.

Neuro-feedback Treatment sessions were also funded. This treatment uses sensors placed on the scalp that transmit brain activity in which the trainer can help guide changes in brain patterns. This is associated with positive changes in physical, emotional and cognitive states.

All of these items and services are not covered by insurances. Robbie Foundation considers these necessary for the growth and development of children with various special needs.

Please help children with special needs in the state of Maine by making a donation, or volunteering your time.

The need is great and Robbie Foundation needs your help!