Help raise funds for Maine children with special needs with Robbie Foundation’s Clynk Bag Drive.

2 Easy Ways to Donate

1. Contact us for your Clynk tags

Simply click on the link above to request your Clynk tags from Robbie Foundation. You will receive your tags in the mail within a few days. Note that bags must be purchased separately so that RF receives the most benefit. Fill your bags with bottle returns and place your provided tags on the bag. Bring it to a Clynk bottle center at your local Hannaford. The Robbie Foundation tag identifiers will ensure we get credit for your returnables. Just drop it and go!


2. Donate your Clynk proceeds online

Create an account at, then go to this page and enter “Robbie Foundation” in the search box. When Robbie Foundation appears, click “donate” and follow the instructions to choose your donation amount from the proceeds that you have available!

Thank you for your participation from all of the volunteers and board members at Robbie Foundation!