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Learn more about the Robbie Foundation founder’s mission to help kids with special needs. Lynn’s goal is to see every need met by providing therapies, equipment, and technology not typically covered by insurance.

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Lynn Gierie named 2021 Mother of the Year

American Mothers Incorporated, a nonprofit honoring inspirational mothers, has recognized Lynn Gierie as the 2021 Maine Mother of the Year. Lynn and Bob Gierie founded


Surviving the Holiday Season

Lately I have been very up and down. Sometimes, I am happy my holiday season is a little slower and I have more time. Other


Finding Joy in the Little Things

These are certainly times of reflection for many of us. In the midst of a pandemic as well as the nation feeling divided with the


The Power of Positive Thinking

With the pandemic still heavy on everyone’s shoulders, it is easy to get overwhelmed with worry, panic and anxiety. Rather than allowing yourself to go


Have a Thankful Heart

We tend to focus on negative thoughts that often leave us in a sour state of bitterness, anxiety, and depression. This can take a physical


Finding Friends For Your Child

All kids want friends. But it’s not always easy for children with special needs to find meaningful friendships with other kids. Some children are shunned


Do Something for Someone

Need a bit of joy in your life? Buy a stranger a coffee. Want a quick pic-me-up? Give someone a compliment. Want something to make


Halloween is Not Cancelled

Halloween is one of the most enjoyed traditions for our kids. With cities and towns putting restrictions on festivities and limiting the traditional trick or