How to Create a Calming/Sensory Corner at Home This Fall

Creating a calming/sensory corner at home may help your child in times of stress and frustration this year. Many children will be spending more time at home so having a special designated place just for them may help to alleviate a lot of emotions.

When shopping or exploring different options keep in mind the senses that work most effectively for your child. (i.e. touch, sight, hearing) These are some suggested tools that might accommodate the specific sensory need your child has. These items may be for a stationary corner or, by creating a bundle or kit, you can take some of the sensory items with you and your child in the car.

  • For the “touch” sensory, try a P-Pod for comfy seating, a weighted blanket for soothing pressure, or the wiggle seat for quiet mobility.
  • For the “sight” sensory there are eye-catching visual motor tools such as gel floor tiles, wall mirrors, disco balls or bubble tubes.
  • For the “hearing” sensory, sound machines or auditory stimulating tools such as animal/vehicle sound puzzles and instruments work well. Chewies and fidgets also travel well.

What has worked well for your child? Do you have a go-to website when looking for ideas? Share any information that would be helpful for others who might need suggestions.

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