Robbie Foundation 5k To Raise Funds for Children with Disabilities

PORTLAND, Maine – The Robbie Foundation held its first 5K race Saturday. The Robbie Foundation was founded on behalf of a young boy with cerebral palsy. His disability is so severe he depends on the help of others for his daily living needs. The foundation is his way of giving back to help raise money for other children with special needs.

Robbie Foundation 5kThe race took place at Portland’s Back Cove. All proceeds from the race will go to provide adaptive equipment, therapy treatments and other services that are not covered by insurance to children and youth with developmental disabilities in Maine.

Natasha Suleiman of the Robbie Foundation said, “When you see that child get that adaptive bike or get the therapy they need, they’re overwhelmed with emotion and you’ve made that connection and you’ve made their life better, and it’s a really wonderful feeling.”

The Robbie Foundation estimates one out of every 10 children in Maine is diagnosed with some form of a developmental disability.

Story by Katie Thompson |