Robbie Foundation has brought the Upsee to Maine!

New technology helping kids with special needs walk

The word is out that Robbie Foundation has brought the Upsee to Maine! We have three Upsees, the new popular walking device for special needs kids made by Firefly. Here is our feature with Silas, Dakota and Riley taking their first steps with the Upsee! Never say never!

SCARBOROUGH, MaineĀ (NEWS CENTER) — Many parents who have children with special needs live with the reality that their children may never walk or even stand on their own.

A new adaptive device is bringing them one step closer. The Robbie Foundation recently purchased three Upsees. It attaches the child to the parent’s legs using a harness, so children with limited mobility can experience walking. Shannon Carter says it has been life-changing for her whole family.

“To be able to play kickball with his brother, and hide-and-seek, and run around with him, it’s amazing,” Carter said about her son Dakota. “Things that we didn’t think we would be able to do without really holding him up.”

Some parents have purchased the Upsees on their own. The Robbie Foundation is also letting families use them on a trial basis.