WCSH Features Robbie Foundation’s Summer Arts Adventures Program

Westbrook, Maine – The Robbie Foundation is using the month of July to help kids who are living with a disability unleash their inner artist. The foundation offered three different classes this month including fine arts, music, and dance.

Around 20 kids have taken part in the dance class at the Avant Dance and Event Center in Westbrook. Instructor, Kristin Sutton, always uses music their familiar with and try’s to make every hour lesson about having fun while learning the choreography.

“I just wanted them to have a good experience, a joyful experience and actually hear some songs that they’re familiar with,” said Sutton.

Melly Brown’s 3-year-old son Silus has been able to attend the dance classes thanks to an Upsee device that straps him to his mother standing him upright. As a mother, Melly appreciates the mutual understanding from other parents who understand if Silus needs a moment.

“We can just leave and come back, but there’s no judgement so that’s the best part about it,” said Melly.

The last dance class will be on Thursday, July 31. There are still openings for kids who want to take part through the Robbie Foundation. For more information go to robbiefoundation.com.

Story by Rob Nesbitt | WCSH

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