iPads Donated To Special Needs Students

The Robbie Foundation is helping break down barriers to communication and learning for students with developmental disabilities at the Morrison Center. Recently, RF donated 24 iPads to the Scarborough based center, specializes in the support and development of students, pre-school through 12th grade and adults, with and without developmental disabilities. The donation was made possible by a $25,000 grant, which was awarded by the Davis Family Foundation.

The iPads were pre-loaded with instructional and communication software. The technology is put to good use by students, teachers and therapists in ways that weren’t possible in the past.

“It will let kids access the curriculum in really fun and exciting ways and contribute to the learning in the classroom in ways they hadn’t been to before,” said Mark Ryder, the Center’s Executive Director.

“When you think of the iPad and how it changed the world you often think of entertainment, games and social networking. But for a child with a developmental disability, the iPad has broken new ground,” said Lynn Gierie the founder of the Robbie Foundation.

Some of the money is being used to train teachers on how to effectively use the iPads in the classroom and iPad equipment. The foundation hopes to donate more iPads to other special needs programs in Maine in the future. The iPad donation received coverage from several media outlets including WCSH6 TV.

For more information about the Morrison Center, www.morrison-maine.org

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