Having a Date Night Here and There

Raising a child with special needs comes with its own unique set of challenges. While all your hard work and dedication is something you do naturally for your child, taking a “parent break” is not something we think about doing. Every parent should carve out time for themselves. For me personally, it has never been realistic to plan a weekly date or rendezvous because of all the arrangements attached to planning a get-away. Lately, I have put a concerted effort in planning something at least monthly.

Those few hours away will help you reconnect to your partner. Make it a priority this week.

What are some date night ideas that you engage in? Is this time important for you and your relationship?

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  1. Having a date night or a weekend free is super important. It is hard to negotiate. We are lucky to have some natural supports who can take our child. I understand not everyone has that luxury. I feel so refreshed after even a few hours of a break. We need to work on getting better respite in place so everyone can get the chance to take a much needed break.

  2. It’s so difficult to date as a single parent with special needs kids. There’s just never time, but even if you can get regular breaks and are not using them for catching up on everything else, not many other single people are interested in getting tangled up in a family that needs extra attention. It’s very lonely.

  3. Yes, I can only imagine. But realize single or not the loneliness is real for many of us. You are not alone in that.

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