What’s Your Child’s Learning Style?

Your child will learn many things in life – how to listen, speak, crawl, walk, read, write and do math. Some skills may be harder to learn than others and while some skills will be mastered others will not. Your child may hit the typical milestones or create their own milestones. As parents of children with special needs, we focus on our child’s strengths to help develop social and emotional skills, whatever those may look like.

The most accepted understandings of learning styles fall into these categories: visual (spacial), aural (auditory-musical), verbal (linguistic) and kinesthetic (physical). Your child’s preferred learning modes have significant influence on their behavior and learning ability. No two children learn in the same way. Early intervention is important to unlocking that specific learning style for your child so that he/she can begin the learning process.

Children with different needs can learn and succeed regardless of the disability.

Have you discovered your child’s preferred learning style? What is it? When was it unlocked? Who played a part in it? Is the process ongoing for you?

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