Sticking to a schedule might be challenging

Kids with disabilities generally love structure and routine. The best thing we can do to support our children emotionally is keeping them calm which involves some structure. The reality of this is that some parents struggle to enforce even the simplest of schedules. During these times, we are having to manage an entire family’s awake-time hours. We have to negotiate academics, play time, device/screen/TV time, work time, social time, meal time, etc.

What is your personality in general as a parent? How are you doing with sticking to a schedule or lack of one?

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  1. I am generally an outgoing person and strong advocate for my daughter. This stay at home situation has been trying for us both, I work from home and having to juggle my job with my daughter’s daily needs EVERY day has been a struggle. A strict schedule has been helpful but after 6 weeks my daughter is getting sick of my face! We try to start our day with a walk before breakfast (food is a great motivator!) then she gets some video time while I do some work. Fitting schoolwork in has been VERY difficult as she needs full one on one assistance for every task.

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