Tele-Therapy for Kids with Special Needs During Covid-19. Are There Any Benefits?

The global pandemic has lead to the closure of pediatric sensory gyms and special needs schools. Many of these kids have been without their much-needed speech, physical, occupational and Applied Behavior Analytics (ABA) therapies for months. For many children their sessions are now virtual. Their parents or care-providers now video chat with the therapists and lessons are moved to Zoom, Facetime or another live video source.

Since caregivers and parents are now temporarily stepping into the role of therapist, there may be positive results that are actually beneficial for the child.

The benefits for some may be that the kids are loving it, and parents and caregivers have become so involved with the process that therapies are more consistent throughout the week. As a result, goals are reached more quickly and there are overall less session cancellations.

What has been your experience with Tele-therapy? Has it been positive for you and/or your child?

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